Background information on online casinos in Germany

The modern casinos take place online. The exciting thing is that such online service providers are active worldwide without being tied to a specific location. Many providers are based in small countries such as Malta or the Isle of Man. The reasons for this are primarily the tax regulations and licensing regulations for local gambling. Many providers started in other countries, for example in Germany. The software is also often developed at other locations.

Creative centers as the birthplace of online games
The still young history of the internet shows that many interesting developments come from creative hotspots. Silicon Valley is known as one of these locations and is considered one of the most important locations for start-ups and imaginative entrepreneurs. But there are also such creative and dynamic places in this country. The federal capital, Berlin, for example, is one of these energetic, young locations.

Berlin is known for its artistic and youthful scene. At the same time, Berlin is one of the centers of gambling. At the time of the Biedermeier, Berlin was the center of attraction for the surrounding regions and had a similar status to Baden-Baden. After the Second World War, Berlin was a pioneer in the field of gaming, while other cities and federal states were rather averse to the topic. Part of the reconstruction of the city was financed with the income of the Berlin Class Lottery. Berlin still has an active scene today. In addition to several casinos, there are also a large number of betting shops and similar places where gambling is possible.
Berlin is also known as a lively city for start-ups. There are various networks through which company founders organize and exchange information. Young people with creative ideas are drawn to the city to make their dreams come true. Throughout Europe, Berlin is known to be one of the top addresses for young entrepreneurs. This active and constantly growing scene also offers existing companies an interesting environment. For example, online casinos in Germany can access the concentrated creativity. Features such as ingenuity and imagination are particularly beneficial when developing new games. For this reason, creative metropolitan areas such as Berlin are exciting cities to promote such projects.

Why are German online casinos located abroad?
Many may wonder why the casinos will not start operating on the spot? The most important reason for this are the legal regulations in Germany. Gambling is still a matter for the individual countries, and thus the individual federal states define the relevant framework conditions. There have always been attempts to formulate a uniform law. This has existed in the form of the State Treaty on Gambling since 2012, but still did not ensure the desired legal security. Schleswig-Holstein, for example, did not sign the contract and granted its own licenses.

Logically, such local laws hardly fit into the modern world with its limitless Internet. That is why more and more gaming providers are relocating abroad. Other countries have managed to create reliable and business-friendly regulations for online casinos. As a result, companies are increasingly running their business from these locations. Of course, offers will continue to be developed specifically for the German market. Most major casinos have German subpages and support in German. In this way, German players can also enjoy online casino games without obstacles.

Whether anything will change in this situation in the future depends primarily on German legislation. As soon as uniform regulations are created that allow gaming providers to offer their games from German soil, there will certainly be local companies. This is currently impossible because German authorities do not issue gaming licenses for online games.

The example of Malta – home to many online casinos
Reputable online casinos are all licensed to gamble. Logically, companies choose a country as their headquarters that is particularly knowledgeable about gambling. Malta is one of these countries. The small island nation in the Mediterranean quickly responded to the challenges and opportunities that the Internet offers. For Malta, digital service providers have become an important economic pillar. The Malta Gaming Authority, or MGA for short, has been set up specifically for the gaming sector. This awards licenses to operators, monitors compliance with regulations and establishes framework conditions. The topic of online casinos was also dealt with specifically and taken into account when drafting the law.

Malta is therefore an attractive destination for operators of online casinos. Firstly, it is in Europe and has been part of the EU since May 1st, 2004. On the other hand, Malta offers an advantageous tax system for companies. In connection with the secure legal situation, Malta has therefore developed into one of the centers for online casinos in Europe. But this is only one side of the coin. The development of the games often takes place in completely different regions, as the example of Berlin shows impressively.